Exploring the Unique World of Wasgij Puzzles

Joe Rushton
Exploring the Unique World of Wasgij Puzzles

Are you familiar with the Wasgij puzzle range? If not, you're in for a delightful surprise! Wasgij puzzles, uniquely named as 'jigsaw' spelled backward, offer a fresh and creative twist on the traditional jigsaw puzzle. Unlike standard puzzles, where you simply recreate the image on the box, Wasgij puzzles challenge you to think outside the box - quite literally. The image you're tasked to complete is different from the one displayed on the box, calling for a healthy dose of imagination and deduction.

Crafted first by Jumbo Games in 1997, Wasgij puzzles have climbed the ladder to become the most popular puzzle range in the UK. They have evolved, introducing several fascinating variations to the original concept. Each series brings a new flavour to the puzzle-solving experience:

  • Wasgij Original: Here, you're invited to a brain-teasing adventure. You need to embody a character from the puzzle's box image and imagine what they see. This perspective is your actual puzzle. For example, in the 'Celebrity Chief Chef' jigsaw, your task is to deduce what the Health and Safety Manager is witnessing and puzzle that scene together.
    Wasgij Original 43 Aquarium Antics! - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Wasgij Destiny: This series takes you on a journey through time. You must visualize how the characters and scenes from the original image would transform in the modern world. It's like being a time traveller, piecing together a future that springs from the past.
    Wasgij - Destiny 27 Café to Latte! - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Wasgij Mystery: In this intriguing series, your goal is to predict the future. Look at the scene on the box and use clues to figure out what will happen to these characters in the next few moments. It's a test of your predictive powers and attention to detail.
    Wasgij - Mystery 26 Date Night! - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Wasgij Christmas: Combining the Wasgij Original concept with a festive twist, these puzzles ask you to see through Santa's eyes. It's a holiday-themed challenge that adds to the joy of the season.
    Wasgij Christmas 19 Santa Dash - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle
  • Wasgij Retro: A treat for collectors and new enthusiasts alike, the Wasgij Retro series re-releases puzzles from the past, allowing fans to complete or start their collections. Each puzzle in this series adheres to one of the various themes established in the Wasgij range.
    Wasgij - Retro Original 8 High Tide! - 1000 Piece Jigsaw Puzzle

For puzzle enthusiasts and those curious about this unique form of entertainment, the full range of Wasgij Puzzles is available in 2024 at The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store. Whether you're a seasoned puzzler or new to the world of jigsaws, Wasgij offers an engaging, imaginative, and truly distinctive puzzle-solving experience that stands out in the world of tabletop games.  The full wasgij puzzle list is below



Wasgij Original 1000pc



Original 36 New Year Resolutions!


Original 37 Holiday Fiasco!


Original 38 Market Meltdown!


Original 39 Chinese New Year!


Original 40 25th Anniversary Garden Party! 2 x 1000


Original 41 The Restore Store!


Original 42 Rule the Runway!


Original 43 Aquarium Antics!


Original 44 Wasgij Summer Games! DUE APRIL

Wasgij Destiny 1000pc



Destiny 22 Trip to the Tip!


Destiny 24 Business as Usual!


Destiny 25 Games Night!


Destiny 26 Organic Overload!


Destiny 27 Café to Latte! DUE MARCH

Wasgij Mystery 1000pc


Mystery 20 Mountain Mayhem!


Mystery 22 Wasgij Winter Games!


Mystery 23 Pooch Parlour!


Mystery 24 Blight at the Museum!


Mystery 25 Eurosound Contest!


Mystery 26 Date Night! DUE FEBRUARY

Wasgij Retro 1000pc



Retro Original 7 Bear Necessities!


Retro Destiny 7 Rock around the Clock!


Retro Mystery 7 Everything Must Go!


Retro Original 8 High Tide! NEW


Retro Destiny 8 High Season! NEW


Retro Mystery 8 The Final Hurdle! NEW

Wasgij Christmas 2x1000pc



Christmas 19 Santa Dash!


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