5 Ways to Celebrate National Puzzle Day 2023

Joe Rushton
5 Ways to Celebrate National Puzzle Day 2023

5 Ways to Celebrate National Puzzle Day

Solving jigsaws, crosswords and other puzzles is one of the UK’s favourite pastimes. To celebrate there is now a National Puzzle Day held on the 29th January each year. At The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store we are biased and think that jigsaws are the perfect puzzle. This year and we have come up with five ideas to help you celebrate National Puzzle Day.

1. Start a Puzzle.

Sounds obvious! Do any of the following apply to you:

You have a special puzzle put aside that you have been waiting to start?
Did you buy a puzzle at Christmas or receive one as a gift and not get around to starting it over the festive period.
Have you looked at a jigsaw puzzle that you really wanted to buy recently?
Do you have an old puzzle in the cupboard that you have wanted to do again
Let’s get the puzzle started on National Puzzle Day. Do you sort out all the straight edges and corners or sort the pieces by colour? However you start a puzzle to coin a phrase “Just Do It”

2. Make it a Family Night

Jigsaw puzzles are a great way of getting the whole family together. From young children to grandparents this is one activity that everyone can get involved in. There are various ways to options to organise a jigsaw night. Start by choosing a theme. A Disney film that you have all enjoyed or a relevant topic that everyone can relate to and enjoy doing. Choose a venue, cook some food, open some wine and relax! This is a lovely way to spend some quality time with family without the distractions of TV, iPads and other gadgets!

3. Challenge yourself

Push yourself to do a Jigsaw puzzles that is outside of the ones that you would normally do. Why not try a WASGIJ puzzle where the puzzle image is different to the image shown on the box. If you are used to doing 500 piece puzzles why not do a 1000 piece puzzle. If a 1000 piece one is the norm why not try a higher piece count from 1500 pieces up to 42000!

4. Make it Social

We would love you to post a photo of your finished puzzle to our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page with the Hashtag #NationalPuzzleDay

A review of any of the puzzles that you have completed would be great. Let us know what your thoughts are of the Manufacturer, the pieces and give the puzzle a rating on our website.

5. Explore the World!

Why not choose a puzzle of place that you have visited that holds a special memory? Alternatively choose a destination that is on your bucket list that you have always wanted to go to. What easier way to travel than from the comfort of your own house!

This years National Puzzle Day falls on a Sunday so a perfect time to make a cuppa, sit down and relax and start a puzzle!

Happy Puzzling from us all at The Yorkshire Jigsaw Store

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